Prodotti di  Tomoko Tokuda

The structure of my creation is almost asimetry like our body and inperfect like human being.

In 2004 at Milan, i met old watches casually packed into the box covered with dust in the antique market.There was a special shine in the old watches and i was wondering if these can not be used again by any means. Old things have a particular indefinable colors,warped shape and mysterious feeling. They have their own stories like our human-being. I wanted to apply new light to a thing that was not able to be used by becoming old, a thing that is broken,and the thing that has been forgotten again. And this was the main motivation to produce unique pieces of Tomoko Tokuda. Going to the antique markets in various places, i choose various parts and they are combined by the hand work.


Coppia di orecchini asimmetrici realizzata artigianalmente dalla designer Tomoko Tokuda. 
Orecchini con forme diverse dell'artista Tomoko Tokuda
Collana realizzata a mano dall'artista Tomoko Tokuda
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Orecchini realizzati a mano dall'artista Tomoko Tokuda
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