Wo we are

We are a productive and creative reality involved with eco-design and Italian craftsmanship. We believe there can be a world where respect for the environment and for the consumer can coexist.

Selling furniture with only the “Eco” tag on it is not enough. The aspects tied to the sustainability of a product can be shared by promoting the culture of creatively reusing something. We recommend living virtuously – to decrease the amount of waste we produce and reuse it effectively – to create something innovative and respectful of the environment; products capable of being both ecologic and economic.

nAm selects these products first hand, personally knows the producers and artisans, meets the factories, shares projects and promotes them.

Each and everyone of us can easily reach the things we love trough “smart consumption”, giving more importance to the things we do everyday and to a simpler lifestyle. The time has come to give more importance to the things we buy, especially if what we buy helps us reach our main goal: an active cooperation by the consumer, to prevent together the damage we do to our environment, rather than fixing it after it’s done.

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